About Us

Our Brand

InLab Design is an innovative lifestyle brand that uses technology and design to inspire a dynamic and engaged living. High quality and high beauty value provide a sense of superiority in community. Our mission is to improve your everyday lives by our lifestyle technology.

Lifestyle Tech can be stylish with InLab Design. We understand the importance to make ones’ happy by offering products with great beauty.  


Our Technology

Our team pursues to the beauty of Invisible Technology. The technology is at its best when it is invisible. We enjoy most is whenever you power it up, it functions from behind quietly. Technology should be a tool that is meant to simplify your everyday lives, without recognising it, and it becomes a part of your life.

Meet the Idea Makers



The Team

InLab Design is an innovative lifestyle brand that marries technology and design. Our mission is to inspire a dynamic, happy and active lifestyle. Our dedicated crew includes a product designer, engineer, writer, project manager, and a sport-loving CEO.

Our founders, Diana and Tak are technology-driven enthusiasts always on the lookout experimenting and creating what's versatile and essential to improve our everyday lives. Together, we’ve created Comfort Touch at InLab Design, an innovative line of apparel to enhance the quality of your life.

Our team of diverse individuals offers years of combined experience and expertise in design, engineering, project execution and manufacturing. We stand behind one single objective - to redefine the most essential winter accessories at affordable prices. Comfort Touch scarf is just the beginning. Share and enjoy our journey of exciting dream of innovative products today by backing our team.