Frequently Asked Questions


About Comfort Touch Scarf 

1. Is your product certified and tested? 

Yes. The special blended Wool used to generate heat is RoSH compliant, whilst the rechargeable battery has been quality tested and certified.


2. How do you compare to other heating apparel on the market? 

Our garment materials have high softness and smoothness ratings. With the cutting-edge sewing technology, Comfort Touch Scarf gives you extra comfort. Moreover, our smart, compact design means you won't have to worry about wearing unsightly cables, wires nor a bulky power bank.  


3. Do you have more sizes available for now? 

No, but our design team has leveraged and determined the most feasible size for both girls and guys.


4. Do you have different colors available? 

Yes, you can choose from 1 of 3 colors: Classic Black, Casual Grey, and our Signature Star Showers ( Navy and White).  We also encourage you to check our latest development on Instagram: inlab_design or stay tuned when you register to our news subscription.  


5. Can I just buy the heating panel and insert it into say, my own scarf or other clothing items? 

Unfortunately, no as the panel is already sewn into our fabric through the specific knitting technique. This ensures that the panel stays securely in place for maximum performance and comfort. The panel cannot be removed or replaced. 


6. How long does the battery last? 

Our battery’s lifespan lasts up to 500 times of full-charging. 


7. Is it possible for me to buy an additional battery for backup power for the Comfort Touch Scarf? 

Yes. We will offer and list the rechargeable battery in the later stage. Please stay tuned with us for the latest updates on Facebook or our webpage.


About InLab Design 

1. What is the return policy? 

We are confident in our product. We are offering Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy ( 30-Days ). Please refer to the full Return Policy HERE


2. In future, will you design more products using your knitting technology? 

Yes. At InLab Design, we are committed to creating new, exciting designs, and sustainable development. After we hit sufficient resources and support in the first project, this will allow us to proceed with our next product. 


3. So, any project details on what's actually next?  

We will focus on developing the technology into different applications to improve daily life. In the pipeline, we will create products with therapeutic features that aims to improve our everyday lives.  Meanwhile, we look forward to your support and comments to drive us in the right direction.  


About Product Operation 

1. How does the scarf heat up, and what do I need to do?

By design, the heated panel on the scarf is battery powered. The scarf includes a chocolate sized square rechargeable battery pack. Check out the photos and following instructions:

1) Connect the battery pack's micro USB connector to a USB power source, using a micro USB cable

2) Fully charge the battery 

3) Detach the battery from your power source.

4) Slip the battery into the built-in pouch on the scarf, and buckle the pouch to secure the battery.

5) Drape the scarf around your neck and shoulders.

6) Use the slide control to turn on and select the temperature setting, Hi or Low you want. The scarf will heat up in 20 seconds. 


2. How safe are the battery pack and heating panel? Is there any risk of electrocution, or fire hazard?

No, the battery pack is very low voltage, and all components have been safety tested.

For best performance, fully charge the battery. The heating panel itself uses a very fine and soft conductive yarn which is silver plated which poses no risk.


About Delivery

1. When will I receive the delivery information? 

Please allow 3 weeks for order processing and transaction except peak season. When the order is dispatched, you’ll receive a notification with tracking details.


2. Do you support international shipping? 

With a few exceptions, yes, we do. Please check if your country is included, and the relevant shipping cost which is also listed in the drop-down menu under the pledge. 

Please note that customers will be responsible for import duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region. ( If you did not find your shipping country, please contact us and we will get you the shipping quote. )


3. How do you calculate the shipping costs? 

Hong Kong is the largest logistics center that allows shipping worldwide, cost-efficiently. We partnered with one of the most reliable logistic companies which have a mature shipping network that allows us to offer you superior shipping services at super low cost. The shipping cost will be determined by the actual weight/ dimension weight of the parcel. There is no extra handling cost at our side.